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It all begins with oats... & a whole lot of passion!

At Oats, we're passionate believers in the humble yet mighty oat as the foundation of everything. 🌾 From breakfast to brunch, lunch to afternoon delights, oats are our muse, inspiring every dish we craft. But it's not just about oats; it's about celebrating their incredible versatility in every bite and sip. Step into our warm & inviting locations, where you'll find the best coffee ☕️, freshly squeezed juices 🍊, and a tempting offer of wholesome & seasonal oat-inspired meals 🥯. So come, join us, and let's savor our 'oatsomeness' together! 

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Who's behind?

Meet the dynamic duo behind Oats - Ewout and Anse Vanmassenhove! As siblings, we've inherited a serious love 💛 for all things delicious from our foodie parents. From our childhood days of culinary exploration to now, our passion for discovering exciting flavors, cuisines, and fantastic eateries knows no bounds!

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Oatsome idea!

Anse's love for sports and all things healthy, paired with a hearty appetite for oats, and Ewout's quest for eateries that serve up delicious, nutritious, and budget-friendly bites, led us to join forces back in 2018. Our very first Oats Day Long restaurant in Ghent saw the light of day, hooray! 🙌

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Oats as our hero!

Ever since we opened our doors in Ghent back in 2018, our mission has been crystal clear: to serve up simple & wholesome food in an innovative way that truly celebrates the hero: oats. 🌾 Add to that our killer customer service, specialty coffee, and a range of homemade drinks, and voila – you've got the distinct Oats style that sets us apart!

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Well, that escalated quickly...

Fast forward 6 years and 7 locations later, and we're still on a mission to spread the oatsome goodness far and wide. Our goal? To be trusted allies in our guests’ daily routines, empowering them to thrive ‘Oats day long’. 🫶

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Local first!

As we've expanded our footprint, we've also grown our team and our menu. But here's the twist – we're all about keeping things local. 🍋 With a seasonal menu sourced from nearby, we aim to keep surprising you with fresh flavors & ingredients. Our welcoming teams hail from the neighborhood, and if you become a regular at any of our spots, you can bet they'll know you by name and your go-to order!

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Little side noat...

Every Oats location features a cozy shop where you can pick up local goodies like our homemade granola, specialty coffee ☕️, artisanal peanut butter 🥜, and more! It's just another way we're bringing the best of the neighborhood right to your doorstep. You're welcome!

Our values


We sell more than just oats, but most of all, we sell a smile. Our welcoming team is passionate about healthy food and is there to make you feel at home and serve you the perfect healthy coffee, snack or lunch that suits your mood. That's how we ensure our oatstanding hospitality.


Oats is more than specialty coffee & food with first-class service. It's a team of professionals that love what they do, that know how you want your coffee and remember that avocado is your favourite fruit. And they love to have fun.


We work with simple & pure ingredients with oats as a base ingredient for (almost) everything we serve. We're brilliant in the basics, but our taste is far from basic.


We believe that healthy living should be as enjoyable as it is nutritious. Our oat-inspired offerings are not only good for the body, but also making wellbeing a deliciously fun journey for our guests.


We're on a mission to save the planet, one oat at a time! We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by sourcing responsibly, reducing waste & promoting eco-friendly packaging & practices throughout our operations.

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Working at Oats Day Long